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A simple way to remember your passwords

How It Works

Most people are frustrated with the huge number of passwords they need to remember. The Stash app allows you to confidently organize all your passwords so you save time and stay safe online.

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Securely organize your usernames and passwords on your phone and take them with you everywhere you go.


You are more secure when your passwords are stored in one place. The Stash app encrypts and stores your passwords on your phone, never on the cloud. Only you can access your passwords.

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Built-in Password Generator

Instantly create strong passwords. The password generator includes customizable parameters for length, case, symbols, and numbers to fit your needs.

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Quickly find the password you need using the built-in search tool.

Connect to your computer

Stash+ is the free desktop app that lets you easily log in to accounts on your computer from your phone.

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Looking for advanced security?

Add a Stash card to your Stash app for the most advanced, offline password management solution available.

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