Why Stash?

People are increasingly frustrated with passwords. Using a notebook is time consuming, disorganized and inconvenient, and memorizing them makes for weak passwords.

Our goal was to provide people with a safe and easy way to manage all of their passwords. So we created Stash Password Manager to provide convenience without compromising security. 

Stash is an easy, secure and convenient way to manage all of your passwords. 

Do I need to download the Stash Password Manager app?

Yes, you need to download the Stash Password Manager app to be able to manage your passwords.

The Stash Password Manager app is available in the Google Play Store and Apple's App Store.

Download it here.

What is the difference between the Stash Password Manager App and the Stash Card?

The Stash Password Manager App lets you easily manage and store all of your encrypted passwords on your phone.

The Stash Card is an advanced security product that is an add-on to your Stash Password Manager app and allows you to store all of your encrypted passwords on the card.

Where are my passwords stored?

Your passwords are encrypted and securely stored on your phone. They are NOT stored on any servers or in the cloud. Only you have access to your information.

How do I access my passwords?

You simply select the account that you need in the Stash Password Manager app.

How do I backup my Stash?

Stash gives you the ability to export your data as an encrypted file (.stash) and store it in a way that is convenient for you. For step-by-step instructions, click here for Android instructions or click here for iPhone instructions and scroll down to "How to backup your Stash".

Is Stash compatible with all phones?

Stash will work on Android phones equipped with NFC and running Android OS Lollipop and above. 

Stash will also work with iPhone 8 and newer running iOS 13 and above.

How is Stash different from other password managers?

Stash does not store your passwords on a server or in the cloud. They are kept encrypted on your phone. No one else can access your data. You are in control.

Can I use Stash with my computer?

Yes! The free Stash+ desktop app for macOS and Windows 10 computers enables you to sign in to accounts on your computer through your Stash Password Manager app on your phone. Download Stash+ here.

Do I need a computer to use Stash?

No, you don't. Stash is a password manager for your phone so you have your passwords with you wherever you go.

Can more than 1 person use the same Stash Card?

No. Your Stash Card will only work with your Stash Password Manager app BUT our team is working on family and team sharing functionality.

If I keep my Stash Card in my wallet or purse, will close contact with my bank cards or credit cards affect the tap feature of Stash?

No. You can carry your Stash Card in your wallet along with other tap cards with no issues.

What happens if I lose my Stash Card?

Your Stash Card is uniquely paired to your Stash Password Manager app on your phone during initial setup and the data in your Stash Card is encrypted. Your Stash will only work with your phone. If you lose your Stash Card, your passwords cannot be accessed by anyone else.

We do recommend you regularly backup your Stash in the event you ever need to restore your data.

Will the case on my phone interfere with the ability to tap my Stash Card to my phone?

The case on your phone should not interfere with your ability to tap your Stash Card. If Apple Pay or Google Pay works with your phone case on, then Stash will work too.

When I backup my Stash as an encrypted file, can I store it somewhere other than my phone and can it be opened for viewing?

You can store your encrypted backup file wherever you like. We recommend keeping it on a USB drive somewhere safe. The encrypted backup file cannot be opened for viewing. It can only be used to restore your Stash in the event you ever need to. 

Are my passwords stored anywhere other than in my Stash?

No, absolutely not. You are in control of your information. It is not stored on any servers or in the cloud.

What is Island Technology?

Our patented Island Technology is used in our Stash Card to provide advanced offline security. Island Technology is an air-gapped communication "island" that you have physical control over. The "island" only has one direction of communication meaning there is never a direct connection to your vault of passwords. Watch the Video.

Can you access my passwords?

No, absolutely not. In fact, we have no way of accessing them. Your passwords are stored in one place - on your phone (if you use the Stash app exclusively) or on your Stash Card. Only you have the ability to access them.

Can I import my passwords from another application to Stash?

Absolutely! You can import your passwords from Chrome, 1Password, LastPass, Dashlane, KeePass, or a spreadsheet template file. Click here to learn how.

Does NFC have to be enabled on my phone for my Stash Card to work?

Yes, when you want to use your Stash Card you must have NFC enabled on your phone. If you want to disable NFC on your phone while you are not using your card, you can.

You do not need to enable NFC if you are only using the Stash Password Manager app.

Does Stash work with the Beta version of my phone's OS?

No. We do not support Beta versions of your phone's OS. We recommend waiting for the official release of your phone's OS as we only support official versions of your phone's software to ensure your Stash is working.