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A different kind of password manager

As your list of online accounts grows, you need a convenient place to store and access all those passwords. Traditional password managers store your personal data on the cloud and are at risk of targeted attacks by hackers. Stash gives you control over where your personal information is stored without giving up the convenience of automatic sign in on your phone or computer.

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How Stash Works

Use complex passwords

When you use a different, complex password for every account, your online data is more secure.

Never type another password again

Our free Stash+ desktop app means you can automatically log in to accounts on your computer too!

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Stash app

Stash password manager app is available for both iOS and Android phones. Your encrypted passwords are stored on your phone. Never on the cloud or a server with millions of other user's data. When you are the only one who can access your data, you are more secure.

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Stash card

Looking for convenient, air-gapped storage? Add the Stash card to your Stash app for the most advanced, offline password management solution available.

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"The Stash Password Manager works exactly as promised. I like storing my passwords on a (Stash) card that I carry, rather than trusting some company on the Internet to store them on an online server. I like it so much that after using it for a month, I bought a spare. I don't want to be without it now."

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Bob Young, FIFO Networks Cybersecurity Expert

"The Stash Password Manager card is one of the best things to hit the security world in decades."

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Mark McEathron, SAIC Sr. Cybersecurity Engineer

"Absolutely loving my STASH! I love that I don't have to keep my passwords and login information saved in my computer web browser anymore; a great way to feel a bit more secure in this increasingly online world we live in. Not too mention, it's so easy to set up and use!"

Kristy Johnson, PhD, Business Owner

"Love my Stash. I was looking for a more secure way to store my passwords and didn't feel super confident with online password managers. It also creates unique strong passwords which is a handy tool as well."

Mike B.

"Stash is making my life so much easier. No more forgetting which password goes to what account. Awesome idea!"

Tania D.

Proud member of the Digital ID & Authentication Council of Canada

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