Password Management Made Easy

Password Management Made Easy

PRESS RELEASE: Game-changing password management solution, Stash, keeps your passwords offline and in your control.

Edmonton, November 22, 2019 - Elsi Inc., the creators of Stash, announced today the official launch of their innovative password manager that generates unique, complex passwords for you and stores them on an encrypted card that you simply tap to your mobile phone to log into an account. While other password managers store your passwords in the cloud or on your connected device, making them vulnerable to bad actors, Stash ensures your passwords are secure, stored offline and can only be accessed by you by uniquely pairing your mobile device with your Stash card. Stash removes the need to remember passwords or type them in, just tap and go.

With cyberattacks becoming more prevalent and the average internet user projected to manage 207 accounts by 2020, the need to have a strong, unique password for every account is more important than ever. In February 2017, The founder of Elsi Inc. and creator of Stash, Jerry Wolverton, hit a breaking point with passwords. Frustrated with trying to keep track of his, and his family’s, passwords in a notebook and on sticky notes he began looking into password management solutions. He learned using a password manager would mean that his passwords would be connected to the internet, which he found very troubling. As a result, he set out to find a solution that offered the convenience of a password manager but with the added security of it being offline. When he couldn’t find one, he created Stash. 

After 2 years of research, development and testing, Stash Password Manager has shipped out pre-orders and is now available to order at 

Stash Password Manager: 

  • Sign in to accounts on your computer or mobile phone by tapping your Stash card to your phone
  • Store up to 400 accounts offline
  • Built-in password generator (generate passwords up to 128 characters)
  • No batteries or charging devices required
  • Industry-standard AES-128 encryption
  • Uses the same NFC security trusted in tap credit cards with added built-in RFID shielding
  • Patent-pending technology makes it impossible for a software by-pass
“It is with great excitement that we announce the official launch of Stash Password Manager. I originally set out to create Stash because my family of 5 was tired of managing over 200 passwords by writing them down on paper and I was concerned that switching to a password manager solution would mean our passwords would now be connected to the internet. My hope is that Stash can offer others the same peace of mind in a password management solution that my family and I were looking for.” - Jerry W.

About Elsi Inc.

Founded in 2017 by Jerry Wolverton, Elsi Inc. is a tech startup located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada dedicated to making passwords easy by providing innovative password management solutions that are safe, secure and simple for all users.

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