Why you shouldn’t allow your web browser to save your passwords

By Edwin Alvarado

It’s convenient to click “Remember password” when logging in to accounts using your web browser. Below are 3 important reasons why you shouldn’t do it: 

  1. Anyone who gains access to your computer or device will be able to immediately access all of your accounts. When you click “Remember password” or “Save password”, it can save you a few seconds but it also makes you vulnerable if your computer or device is stolen, lost or accessed by someone remotely.
  2. Your web browser can be hacked and if your browser saves your passwords, your accounts are vulnerable. Keep in mind, the purpose of most web browsers saving your passwords is to simplify your browsing experience rather than keeping your passwords safe.
  3. If you are getting rid of your computer or device, and you haven’t properly deleted your data, whoever ends up with your computer can recoup your data without you ever knowing.

Having your web browser remember your passwords may be convenient but it comes with security risks. Be very careful when checking the “Remember password” box because it could put your information at risk in exchange for convenience.